We need you!

[Owner] SerenityMay a posted 7 hours ago

Hey all. I wanted to basically re-introduce myself. I'm SerenityMay - many people refer to me as 'May'. I was an original Owner on SilverMoon when we had first opened. Due to some personal conflict I had to leave the server, and I left it in the hands of Pinguin - some of you may know as 'Kyle'. He has decided to hand the server back over to me! So I am back, and we have some great plans for you all. Please stay tuned and stick with us~

To answer some frequent questions, here we go!

Are we going to be staying open? - Yes, we're currently in a transfer phase. So please bare with us!

Is our progress, pokemon and map going to reset? - NO! We will not be resetting ANY progress.

What happened to our Discord? - We have a new one! Here is the link to join~ https://discord.gg/cQemQbt

All is not lost! 

We're currently needing YOU to check out this link, it is going to decide how we run with SilverMoon. If you could please take a look at this link, and vote it would give us a better idea of which direction we can go :) 


If anyone has any questions about the transition, or about the server please feel free to message me here, or on Discord...

Thank you all for sticking with SilverMoon.