What SilverMoon Means to Me - One of the Best Minecraft Servers!

SilverMoon Pixelmon is one of the best minecraft servers you'll ever play on. Thank you.

To start off our first blog post, I wanted to make it a special blog post. SilverMoon Pixelmon has been open for almost a month now and during this time I have learned a lot. I have been blessed to interact with all of you. It's been an honor and I hope to keep serving you the best I can going forward. This has truly been one of the best minecraft servers that I have ever belonged to.

So right now, I'm going through some personal things. I've been going through them for several months before I was even thinking about starting this server with Serenity. I was a web developer at a marketing company and I loved and learned a lot while I was there. However, I go through stages of depression when I start getting bored with my current state and current progression. 

Aztarnos Happy to be apart of the server and the staff team! Can't wait to watch the server grow and new players join and ex...