Hey everyone, some great news! First I want to say we are now connected to a hub! This will allow us to start growing this community a lot better and in the near future support way more features and gametypes for you all to enjoy!

Second, Playtime ranks and Winter gifts are now back on the server! For the Playtime ranks, it will automatically update you to the new playtime rank so there is no need to even run a command!

Rank Changes

You might be wondering, what are the updates to the ranks and what are the perks to them? I have made a pretty simple list of these changes:

Rank Name Playtime Required Home Limit AuctionHouse Sell Limit
Trainer New Player 3 2
Junior 6 Hours 3 3
PokeManiac 12 Hours 4 4
Commander 2 Days 4 5
Senior 4 Days 5 6
Veteran 2 Weeks 5 7

 With these changes, we had to slightly update the donator ranks as well:

Rank Name Home Limit AuctionHouse Sell Limit
Donator 6 8
Master 7 8
Ultimate 8 8
Legend 9 8
King 10 8
God 11 8
Creative 12 8

Winter Gifts

What are winter gifts? At spawn you will see 3 giant gift boxes, walk over there and click the button to receive a random gift AND a winter point! You may claim these once every 16 hours.

To use these points, you can run the command: /wintershop

Earn more Winter Points by voting for us! You will earn 3 extra points for every vote you make! (Making a total of 24 WinterPoints per 24 hour timeframe!)

Full Change Log:

- hub in (Currently Pixelmon and Factions)[Factions In Beta, but requires 1.8.8)
- globalchat prefix updated
- playtime ranks are back
- home limits changed
- auctionhouse sell limits changed
- wintergifts are in
- winterpoints added for /wintershop
- Gift Crates may now reward winterpoints for this event
- voting rewards changed (3x vote reward promo is now over)
- legend/shiny spawn rates changed (Legends: 1/10000)(Shinies: 1/8000)
- npc trainers spawn at max rate
- pokeloot spawns in wild at max rate
- wt timer limit from 5mins to 3mins
- updated natural adding of legend/shiny pokemon to wondertrade by server