Hey everyone Major reworks have been done. (Well Sorta lol). About 2 months ago when I passed the server over to Serenity and got it back aftwards, the server was facing hard timeouts like crazy! When I was looking into this issue, I found out the primary source was how I was saving data from my custom stuff such as playtimes, promos, event data, and more.
This weekend, I have been focusing on re-doing this data system so that the server no longer tries to load a pretty large csv data structure file. Instead I have moved the data saving to MySQL meaning that reading and saving data will be more on the actual hardware end than using more resources from the actual minecraft server. While this is a bit technical, I mention it because that'll mean it'll give me better tracking and faster results for the server!
During this, I updated the playtime logger. Because in the last two months, playtime logging had not been going on in fear of causing more timeout issues. I haven't fully gotten all the old data exported from the old file to the new database but that'll be done in time. I still need to have it auto rank you but at least this is a great start!
Along with this, I have fixed all voting site links and they are now 100% working! With voting, I changed it up a bit. Doing the typical 3x Vote Reward stuff we did a few times back, but this time we will also be earning "VotePoints" in which will help players obtain free donator ranks, perks, and items! Upon logging in, you can read more about it in the book given. So please help the server by voting to start earning your vote points before I have the whole shop in place. It'll also help me gather more data on a typical flow of points to help determine the prices for the rewards.
Along with all of this, I have also updated spawn rates! I upped the typical chunk spawn rates of average pokemon, increased the chances of finding wild shiny pokemon, and increased the chances of legends spawning.
I have so much more in store for us! So stay tuned and let's re-grow this community! The best way you can help is by voting and that's why I have been working on this new system with votepoints instead of how it was with the old system of buying in-game donator ranks. This is the best way to support the server! So please please please vote!
Since I'm urging so much on voting and have a better system now to keep track of the votes, I will also be doing this small compeition til Dec 7th in which the player with the most votes will earn creative, the second place will get master rank, and the third will obtain a free vault crate! (If you have better ideas for prizes for this compeition, I am all ears. Just post it in #suggestions on our discord: https://discord.gg/kczk47V)