How to Install Minecraft Mods

A SilverMoon Guide on How to Install Minecraft Mods

If you haven't installed a minecraft mod before and you want to learn how to install minecraft mods, then you have came to right place. SilverMoon Pixelmon is a minecraft server that uses a Minecraft mod called: "Pixelmon". Some players will be new to mods and our goal here is to make everything easy for players to enjoy Minecraft.

We don't care if you are here for Pixelmon, we just want to help you learn how to get the most out of your minecraft playing experince. For simplicty, I will be talking about how to install Pixelmon, however this information can be applied to most Minecraft Mods.

Before We Start Our Guide

It is important to know the difference between server side mods verus client side mods. Server side mods are mods ran on the server only and any player who connects to that server will NOT need the mod installed to play on that server. Client side mods, such as Pixelmon, are ran both on the server as well as on your very own game client. In this guide, we will only be focusing on client side mods.

Why you should learn how to install minecraft mods?

The main reason why you should learn how to install minecraft mods, is that it will enchance your gameplay in more ways then you have thought. Ways that gameplay is affected by minecraft mods include:

  • New Game Modes (this includes mods such as Pixelmon)
  • Customization (this includes mods such as Minimaps)
  • Beauty (this includes mods such as shaders)